Is Osteopathic Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is well known for the common pain associated with bearing a child. Your body endures a great amount of change, making it a physically and emotionally draining period. Although the pain and stress may be common, that does not mean that it is necessary. Osteopathic treatments can help ease your body while undergoing pregnancy to minimize the pain you may experience.* With professional doctors, safe practices, and special hands-on treatments, you will be cared for in a comfortable manner that is safe for both you and the baby.

What is Osteopathic Treatment?

Before going to receive treatment, you may be curious about what osteopathic treatment really is. Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) is hands-on care that not only diagnoses problems, but cares for the body’s muscles, joints, and soft tissues. OMT aims to use natural treatments and nutritional supplements to care for your body. The goal is for a more natural, healthy recovery to avoid surgery or other unnecessary practices.

OMT aids in the realignment of the body and restoring proper function. Additionally, OMT can help treat asthma, sinus disorders, migraines, and other stress-induced ailments.

Osteopathic treatments can also help in the prevention of injury.* The stretching and relaxing of the muscles allows for more flexibility and motion, therefore decreasing the risk of pulled muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

This special treatment takes into account both the physical and the emotional, considering the body as a whole. This holistic practice seeks to find peace and equilibrium for your body, regardless of the sustained injury or current situation.

The gentle and precise process of osteopathic treatment helps the body recover quickly and allows for you to continue about an active lifestyle, free of unnecessary pain and stress.*

What Conditions During Pregnancy Can Be Treated?

Pregnancy comes with several new challenges to both the body and mind. These challenges can often bring stress on the body, causing pain, soreness, achiness, and overall discomfort. Osteopathic treatment and hands-on care can help relieve pain from the following:

Osteopathic treatment can also help ease other bodily and emotional discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as:

Is it Safe During Pregnancy?

Osteopathic treatment is safe during pregnancy for both the mother and the baby. Special care is taken that can remove pain while also reducing the risk of complications.* The treatments can aid in properly aligning the body, making sure the pelvis is in good condition for the birth. It prevents pelvic distortion, which can cause years of pain and affect pelvic and spinal functions.

The comfort of the mother is always taken into consideration for any kind of treatment. If there is ever any discomfort or pain, the osteopath will accommodate.

Regardless of size or how far along in the pregnancy, osteopathic treatment can help any pregnant woman. Special treatments and practices are taken into consideration during especially delicate stages of pregnancy.

What Treatment Options Are There for Pregnant Women?

There are several osteopathic treatments for pregnant women that can ease pain and stress at any stage of the pregnancy. The treatments help care for the body in a way that encourages proper structure and function, allowing for a better chance of an easy and uncomplicated labor.*

Certain techniques are used to increase the comfort and reduce the pain of the pregnant women. These techniques focus on gentle motion and care for sensitive area:

Pain and discomfort may also come after the pregnancy. Whether it is physical or emotional strain from caring for a newborn, these techniques put the body and the mind at greater ease, releasing unnecessary stress.*

The comfort of the mother is taken into account with every treatment and technique.

How the Osteopathic Wellness Center Can Help

Pregnancy can be a big, life-changing event. With all the changes it brings, pain should not be one of them.

At the Osteopathic Wellness Center, our hands-on techniques can help reduce pain and stress during your pregnancy while also helping for a safer, less complicated labor.* We recognize that pregnancy takes a toll on the body and the mind, both during and after the pregnancy. Our goal to help you feel healthy, safe, and as pain-free as possible during this period of your life.

For further information about osteopathic treatment during pregnancy, please visit:

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Osteopathic Wellness Center does not guarantee certain results.

Dr. David Johnston Dr. David Johnston is a licensed, board certified osteopathic physician with more than twenty years experience working with infants, children, and adults. He pursued his childhood dream of becoming a physician and currently has a successful private practice in Ridgefield, CT.

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