Can IV Therapy Reduce My Chronic Headaches?

If you’re sick and tired of being sidelined by debilitating headaches, you’re not alone: Recurrent headaches and migraines are a leading cause of chronic pain in the United States and across the globe. 

Fortunately, thanks to IV therapy, chronic headaches are no longer something you simply have to live with. On top of relieving moderate to severe headache pain quickly and effectively, this safe, holistic solution can help you reduce headache recurrence so you can spend more time pursuing your goals, and less time worrying about pain relief. Here’s how it works. 

Understanding chronic headaches

Most chronic headaches are primary headaches, meaning they’re driven by a problem in the pain-sensitive structures of your head, which includes the chemical activity within your brain as well as the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels around your skull. The most common primary headache types are:

Tension headaches

As the most frequent form of head pain, tension headaches produce a mild to moderate pulsing band of pain when the muscles around your skull contract rhythmically. 

Migraine headaches

Known for generating severe, pounding pain on one side of the head, migraines often produce other intense symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light and noise. Whether they last for a few hours or a few days, migraines tend to be highly disruptive.  

Whether you have migraines, tension headaches, or some other form of headache pain like sinus headaches or post-concussive headaches, your problem is considered chronic if it occurs at least 15 days a month for three consecutive months.

IV therapy for headache pain

Using specially made formulas designed to address specific deficiencies and imbalances at the cellular level, IV therapy is a stabilizing, clarifying, and energizing treatment that offers instant results. 

Widely considered an ideal solution for nutritional imbalances, persistent fatigue, and reduced immune system function, IV therapy is a safe, immediate, and effective solution for a variety of health concerns — including chronic headache pain. 

To alleviate headache pain and counteract related symptoms, IV therapy delivers a curative infusion of essential hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into your bloodstream. 

As the infusion restores optimal hydration and electrolyte levels, it also flushes out damaging free radicals that can contribute to your symptoms. The inclusion of selected B vitamins, including vitamin B2 (riboflavin), can stabilize the flow of energy through cells, which is often disrupted with migraines and other severe headaches. 

If your headache is particularly severe or if your headaches tend to intensify as they develop, we can add optional anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medicines to improve your symptoms more quickly or keep them from escalating. 

Safe, holistic, fast, and effective

By injecting these hydrating, restorative substances and medicines right into your bloodstream, they’re able to go directly to the cells that need them most for immediate use. That means you can expect fast and full symptom relief — many people feel completely better by the time their IV therapy session is over. 

IV therapy is much faster than oral hydration and medication simply because it doesn’t have to be processed by your digestive system first; that’s why IV hydration is a mainstay of headache and migraine treatment in emergency room and hospital settings. 

Here at Osteopathic Wellness Center, you don’t have to worry about receiving any medication you don’t need — all IV therapy headache treatments start with a simple hydration, electrolyte, and vitamin infusion; anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medicines are only added if your pain is severe or progressing rapidly. 

In just 30 to 45 minutes, IV therapy can extinguish even the most severe headache pain and leave you feeling renewed, revitalized, and reenergized. Although it doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime, it’s a good idea to rest and recover for the rest of the day if you’re prone to chronic migraines. 

Having IV therapy sessions weekly or every two weeks is a safe and effective way to reduce headache recurrence. By maintaining optimal hydration, electrolyte, and nutritional status, you support the internal corrective mechanisms that keep your brain and your body balanced. 

At Osteopathic Wellness Center, we offer a complete menu of all-natural IV therapy infusions designed to support optimal health and wellness. Call our Ridgefield, Connecticut, office today to learn more, or click online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnston any time. 

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